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Away we go 47/100

by Sarah Stockstill


Fine Art Paper - Limited Edition


*The print comes framed (white frame).

Away we go by Sarah Stockstill 23x23cm

SKU: 4181
  • We ship to the UK and Worldwide with UPS tracked.

    - Ready to Hang (price varies depending location/country)

    You can also click and collect from the Gallery. If you live locally or nearby we can deliver to your home and other parts of London Courier.

    Any queries before purchasing please

  • Sarah Stockstill was born in Scottsdale, Arizona, on January 1, 1972, with the distinction of being the first baby to be born in Scottsdale that year. Raised in a square mile suburban town called Litchfield Park, Sarah’s earliest art influence came from a Modigliani print that hung in her family home. Inspired by her early creative impulses, as a young girl Sarah tore out fashion ads and collaged the walls of her room with them, along with art prints of Picasso and Van Gogh.

    Sarah overcame the adversity of her youth and found harmony in the desert, melding it with the contemporary influences found in the Los Angeles landscape. Finding solace in the beauty of a multicolored world, she creates works that are both subliminal in texture and distinct in composition, and sought out by collectors from around the world.

    She is a prolific artist whose inspiration comes from a career steeped in photography, and the humble beginnings of an artist’s apprentice. Her style explores imagery that evokes the deep sense of emotional passion lying within the psyche. Her style suggests a longing for simplicity, yet possesses a depth that seems almost impossible to grasp. The rich colors beg for attention by being simply beautiful, and at the same time they are covered in a sublime, almost transparent layer that is even more beautiful that what is apparent on the surface.

    Prior to becoming a successful fulltime artist, Sarah worked in retail jobs, and managed a hair salon. She found that the intense competitive environment in a salon toughened her up a bit. “It taught me to be braver, and to not get distracted by temporary setbacks.” But ultimately, Sarah quit her job to pursue a fulltime art career. “I realized that if I wanted to teach my kids how to have a happy life, I would need to pave the way and learn to do something I love while balancing it with the realities of life.” She worked as an artist’s assistant for two years, and enjoyed the privilege of painting with an art company surrounded by many talented artists.

    Sarah finds inspiration for her art just from living life. “Following my intuition in life puts me in the right places at the right time, so I’m exposed to the things I need . . . a conversation, a piece of art, and a million small details that I reference subconsciously.” Adds Sarah, “Most of my ideas happen while I’m in bed before I get up. The rest is luck.”

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