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Artists Submissions







We  represent a selected group of talented independent artists from across the UK and Australia (Aboriginal Art). We build a fantastic working relationships with each of them and work hard to support them. Unfortunately we can only work and represent a small group of artists.

As we are approached on a daily basis by artists to exhibit at our galleries, we have a very strict application process. We only respond to those that follow the specified application process.

We welcome applications from professional artists who produce original paintings, ceramics and glass.

In order to apply you must be able to,

Produce high quality original artwork on regular basis

Have a defined style

Not be represent by any gallery within 50 miles from our gallery in Chiswick. or if you looking to exhibit in Cowes we require to be exclusive on the Isle of Wight.


How to apply?

Please don't just drop in it's not practical and our gallery assistants are at the gallery to look after our clients. Instead email the following to

Your details - full name, address, telephone number.

Your current biography and photograph.

At leats 5 high quality/resolution images of your current work with sizes and your required trade cost. Medium and framing specifications.

Details of your website and professional social media for us to review.

A list of other galleries that currently represent you.

What's next?

We will check your submission and if we feel your style fits our collection and our clients are likely to purchase your artworks we will invite you to come to the gallery and bring a selection of your current work to shows us in person. Please don't chase for a response, we only email you if you have been shortlisted. 

Thank you so much for your interest.

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