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Matt Horne


Matt’s work is all thrown porcelain on the potter’s wheel and finished with a crystalline glaze. Crystalline is a special type of glaze in which the crystals grow in the glaze during firing. These crystals form randomly, which makes everypiece unique.


The crystalline glazing process is complex and expensive to produce. As the glaze is very fluid, each piece needs to sit on a pedestal with a dish beneath to catch the run off during the firing process. When the kiln reaches the maximum temperature (up to 1280 degrees C) it is then cooled to a specific holding temperature and held for a period of 5 to 8 hours - this is the time when the crystals form in the glaze. Once fired there is the delicate process of removing each piece from the pedestal and grinding the base smooth to finish the piece.


Crystalline glaze can be very unpredictable and there is a high risk of failures, but when it works the effects are stunning. No two pieces are ever identical.

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