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Tess Armitage


Tess’s restful yet vibrant use of colour and texture lifts her work beyond the merely representative and transports the spectator into evocative landscapes that perhaps spark a memory or experience.


It’s as if one can feel just a hint of a breeze or smell the salt in the air. The gestural mark making is paradoxically both random yet deliberate. Through splattering, scraping and smudging with hands, brush and palette knife Tess has developed a playful explorative technique that reflects a mindful immersion in a time and place.


Her fascination lies at the resonant place between abstraction and realism. The marks are spontaneously abstract but the finished image echoes the landscape from where the inspiration began. Tess immerses her self in the outdoors having lived much of her life on the edge of Exmoor. It is these wide open landscapes that she is drawn towards, seeking wild and untouched places.

Being in the natural landscape is exhilarating yet equally humbling at the same time and Tess continues to explore techniques to capture the drama of these beautiful places.

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