AALondon Gallery - Different Art Forms Every First Time Art Buyer Should Know.

Updated: May 10

When it comes to buying art online, there are lots of options. Even a first-time art buyer can find something to their taste from the hundreds of fantastic styles and forms . If you want to understand the different art forms before you make a purchase, then this article is just what you need. We have listed the different kinds of art forms that every first-time art buyer should know. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Different kinds of art forms

1. Paintings: Paintings are one of the most prominent examples of contemporary art that express emotions and creative ideas using various elements such as lines, colours, tones, textures and shapes. They are divided into several sub-categories, including:

Oil painting: As the name suggests, these paintings are created on a canvas using oil-based paints. Oil-based paints are manufactured using organic oil such as poppy seed oil, linseed oil and walnut oil.

Acrylic painting: This art style is created using synthetic acrylic resins instead of oil paint or watercolours. Some artists prefer acrylic paint as it is water-soluble and dries quickly. Acrylic painting is known for its richness as it sits in between oil paint and watercolour. Acrylic paint is used for painting on canvas, paper, glass, stone and metal.

Mixed media: Mixed media is a mixture of two or more types of above mentioned painting mediums that are combined to create a piece of art.

2. Ceramics: Ceramic art has a long history in almost all cultures and serves as artistic evidence of bygone cultures.Ceramics are made from clay and are categorised into 4 main types: porcelain, stoneware, earthenware, and Bone China. The final artwork could be pottery, tiles, tableware, figurines or other sculptures.

3. Wooden sculptures: Wood sculptures are an art form where the artist chips away at a block of wood to create a desired object or figurine. It includes a variety of sculptures from a decorative bas-relief to huge, life-size figures, furniture and architectural decorations.

4. Digital art: Digital art is made or presented using digital technologies. These include photographs, animations, videos, illustrations and digital paintings made via software, computers, or other electronic devices. Though this art form had seen some initial resistance, it has managed to create a niche for itself.

5. Glass art: Glass art refers to wholly or partially artworks made from glass. From monumental works and installation pieces to windows, stained glass panels and wall hangings, glass art has a wide range. Glass artists follow a process of cutting, colouring, melting materials, and joining each piece together to form a masterpiece.

Final Note

Art comes in a vast variety of forms and each form is unique and one-of-a-kind. By understanding the different kinds of art forms, first-time buyers can focus on building an art collection that resonates with them. So, browse through all art forms and see what gives you the most joy and make that a starting point in your art buying journey.

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