Top 10 Tips to Buy Original Art Online

Updated: Apr 20

A quick glance back over the last decade will make you realise that shopping has truly gone digital, right from clothes and jewellery to groceries, electronics, furniture, and even art. Yet despite having easy access, buying original art online can be a challenge.

An original piece of art is the first version that an artist creates. Since it's not a reproduction or imitation, it has a higher value. First time art buyers may be hesitant to buy artwork online because they haven't actually seen the artwork ‘in the flesh.’ That doesn't mean you shouldn’t! Read on for tips to buying art online.

A] Why Should You Consider Buying Art Online?

✔ Buying art online takes buyers beyond their geographical constraints, introducing them to a wide range of art forms and galleries.

✔ In the post-pandemic era, it also makes the art buying experience seamless. A buyer can easily browse through a vast collection of art right from the comfort of their home.

✔ Online art galleries have increased pricing transparency.

✔ Over time, buying art online has become easier and more secure, which has led to its popularity among both first-time and seasoned buyers.

Due to advancements in e-commerce platforms and increased security measures it is now much safer to buy art online and many new and established art buyers are using this method to buy new pieces to add to their collections.

B] Tips to Buy Original Art Online

1. Consider why you are buying art in the first place: You may typically buy art to decorate your home or workplace or simply as a form of investment. Before purchasing, it is important to know your intent. This will help you make a well-informed decision concerning the theme, type, and size of the artwork. It will also help you decide which online gallery suits your needs and budget.

2. Do your research: As much as online art platforms have made it easier to explore the large collection of art, one needs to tread with caution.

✔ Search with phrases such as original art for sale in London or affordable original art for sale on Google. This will provide you with a list of verified online art platforms that you can consider.

✔ It is important to first look into the reliability & reputation of the art seller or the dealer that serves as a middleman between the art, gallery, and the client.

✔ Also, ensure that the site you are purchasing from is genuine. You can determine if the website is legit by looking at positive reviews & testimonials from customers on their website.

3. Learn about the artist: People who love art like to know about the artist and their journey, including their background, inspirations, and experiences, before making a purchase. A good online gallery will have information about the artist along with the type of art they create. Search whether the artist has participated in art-related shows or camps or if they have ever organised an exhibition. All these events require serious commitment, which lends credibility to the artist and their work.

4. Set a budget: Easy accessibility to a vast selection of art online can make it difficult to pick and choose from the options available. Here, having a set budget can help, especially for first-time art buyers. However, if a particular piece of art really impresses you, but it's not within your budget, you could buy it in instalments. Some London galleries offer this option. So, make the best use of it to purchase the art you want.

5. Check credibility and authenticity of the art: All reliable online art galleries or art platforms offer a certificate of authenticity. This certificate guarantees the authenticity of the art, the date of creation and provenance, acting like a stamp of approval indicating the artwork is genuine.

6. Don’t hesitate to ask questions: Get answers to queries related to shipping, delivery, and maintenance. Ensure that the pictures of art on the site match the actual artwork. You could do this through a video call or ask for close-up shots. Authentic online art galleries will always have an easily accessible customer service team to assist you with all queries.

7. Is there online payment security: It is always wise to be certain that the payment methods on the website are secure. Ensure your card transactions are processed through a secure SSL technology that keeps card details safe. Credit and debit card payments are deemed the safest methods while purchasing art online.

8. Shipping, delivery, and insurance policy: When you buy original art online, ensure that it is handled with proper care during shipping and delivery.

✔ The shipping fees may vary depending on the delivery location and the size of the artwork.

✔ Pay attention to the shipping details and ask for a tracking number to keep tabs on the package until it arrives at its destination.

✔ Check for the availability of insurance policy. It will help you in the event of damage/theft/loss. More expensive artwork generally has a higher insurance fee.


With the online art platforms offering a seamless and secure experience, art buyers should make the most of this opportunity to grow their art collection. To get the best deal, always research, read reviews and learn as much as possible about the art and the artist before making a purchase. Also, check out the shipping, insurance and delivery policy. Plus, ensure that the art you purchase comes with a certificate of authenticity. Online art platforms can provide you with some of the best artworks by seasoned and new artists. So, browse through them right here and consider making a purchase today.

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