Supporting British Artists

AALondon Gallery is proud to and honored to partner with incredible British artists. Without their artwork filling our walls and spaces, we wouldn’t be the gallery we are today. Check out some of our featured artists below and get in touch with us for information and to inquire about their pieces for sale.



Her work varies from quite realistic  depictions to abstract. Jane’s style is a freestyle that can scan the broad range of subjects I like to work with, always keen to incorporate light and movement as much as possible, and enjoy using texture within my work. Acrylics are the dominant material used, but always keen to incorporate other mediums where appropriate, especially pastels and charcoals.

Inspired by many subjects but my main focus is seascapes, landscapes, and more recently cityscapes. A wealth of material in all of these subjects is of course available in and around the immediate area where she lives.

A member of Devon Artist Network, and Oxfordshire Artweek. Successful solo and shared exhibitions over the last ten years, in both Devon and Oxfordshire.

Holds independent art workshops and have regular classes in her Studio and Gallery. Kept them as small as possible to ensure the atmosphere is unthreatening, relaxed and encouraging – this really seems to benefit her students in their creativity and growth. Has  also been asked to speak and demonstrate at various art groups in the area.

Undertake commissions, and has successfully completed many over the last year, being rewarded by the pleasure these have bought by her clients.

As with any artist, she’s constantly growing and learning more within her area of work. Jane’s inspiration is kept alive by the constant change in our landscape and the pleasure obtained by capturing some of its beauty.

We also accept commissions if you are looking for a specific size (price - add 30%).



Humphrey Bangham is a professional artist and designer with over 30 years experience. 
After graduating in Fine Art from Chelsea art college he has worked consistently for private clients, art consultants, film and design practices. More recently has formed BBHB to provide artworks of all types for clients ranging from prestige hotel chains, international entertainment companies and works in private collections.



Graeme is an experienced glassblower working from his studio, housed in an award-winning restored hosiery factory in the heart of Leicester’s cultural quarter. He has been designing, making, working to client specification and teaching for many years. His passion for authenticity, provenance and craftsmanship shows in each piece of work, which is intrinsically handcrafted in England.

Captivated by the hostile environment of a glassblowing workshop from my first day at Sunderland University. There is heat oozing from every aperture. There is a deafening noise from the compressors and burners. There is broken glass strewn across the concrete floor and yet there is the facility to create something quite beautiful and delicate.

Since successfully completing my masters at the Royal College of Art, I have spent my professional life combining freelance glass making and Teaching with my own glass making practice.




Glass artist Phil Atrill produces a range of work including sculptural pieces, one-off vessels and production items. He is willing to undertake corporate & private commissions as well as creating bespoke designs for clients. A big favourite with Interior Designers, Collectors around the world and glass lovers.




Ceramics has been Jon Barrett-Danes’ family for at least five generations. The earliest records show a pottery at Hoo in Kent dating from 1834, and Jon’s great-great-uncle Edward Baker worked at the well-known Upchurch pottery in Kent from 1909 (and later owned it). Each generation has produced their own particular style of work, and Jon’s father, Alan, was the first to break with tradition by leaving the family pottery, undertaking a formal college training and entering the pottery industry as a designer. He later taught ceramics at Cardiff College of Art and worked collaboratively on work with Jon’s mother Ruth in the 1960s and 1970s. Some of their joint ceramic work is kept in the permanent collection at Aberystwyth University.

Jon completed a degree in ceramics at Bristol in 1985, having specialized in thrown ware and glaze development. While at college he was inspired by the pages of the Wedgwood Creamware catalogues from the late 19th century, and – in stark contrast their classical lines – cartoon drawings.

He also spent time building kilns and experimenting with wood-fired salt glaze. He used these glazes to good effect on the teapot forms that became an obsession for many years.

After spending time working as a college technician, travelling, landscape gardening and other short-term jobs, Jon returned to his first love making pots in his spare time, while also training to be a teacher. He has taught on and off ever since – he currently teaches  from time to time ceramics at West Dean college in Sussex, and more recently has run workshops for blind and visually impaired students at New College, Worcester.

Although his primary interest was always the wheel-thrown object, it soon became clear to Jon that he would never make a living from selling teapots. Drawing inspiration from the collaborative work of his parents, which combined classical vessels with mythical and imaginary creatures, he started making animals. His first piece was a pig, which, he says, seemed to emerge quite naturally. He soon moved on to sheep, chickens, cows and horses, constantly refining and developing the form. 



Originally trained as a Fashion Designer, my career has spanned many aspects of art and design; from commercial fashion to painting, ceramics, plastercasting, Caribbean carnival costume design and illustration.
My paintings, mostly in acrylics come from what I see around me in this gorgeous part of the world. The Isle of Wight is surrounded by constantly changing seas and stunning, wildly varied landscape. This  provides me with plenty of inspiration for my work; sometimes figurative, sometimes semi-abstract.
I love colour and as a result of my design background, enjoy painting with combinations that are perfectly balanced, whether calming or vibrant.
I have taught art and design for nearly thirty years and run regular weekday classes, Saturday “one-off” workshops and longer summer school sessions as well as art retreats in Andalucia, Spain.
My working days are spent either painting or teaching in my light-filled and quirky studio; a converted 80’s mobile home set in rural West Wight.



Andy’s individual approach to woodturning embodies an ancient Japanese philosophy of ‘Wabi-sabi’. Through this Andy thrives to find the beauty in the imperfections and impermanence of incomplete pieces of fallen and collected wood. His work is refreshing, combining traditional wood forms with a modern twist through leather binding or the addition of wire to allow his work to take on a new life, which differentiates his work from other traditional turners.
Over the Years Andy has worked with many clients on personal & business commissions creating unique designs using many different types of wood, which has allowed Andy to work on interesting projects such as making replica bowls in the style of Tudor artefacts found on the wreck of the Mary Rose, Henry the VIII’s flagship which sank in the Solent in 1545.
Andy has also completed individual commissions for Isle of Wight and London restaurants and hotels providing items unique to each business
Alongside his design & commission work, Andy is a passionate teacher of his trade where he enjoys to teach the art of turning to enthusiastic creatives from all age groups, hopefully passing down the traditional craft for years to come. His courses offer a hands-on and enjoyable approach to wood turning which is packed into half and full day teaching options. Andy’s courses are incredibly popular through out the year and particularly within the summer months on the island and can make a perfect gift to family & friends. Andy is a passionate teacher!



  Lisa Ridgers was born on the South Coast of England in September of 1968. She moved to America when she was 22 and has worked as a full-time, professional artist since 2000. She began her art career in Arizona, where she learned to paint before moving to the Midwest where she now lives and works in Dayton, Ohio.

     Since her early days studying with two prominent contemporary artists (R.Clearwater and S Jacobs), she has continued on as a, primarily, self- taught artist; developing her own unique methods and process for her paintings. She still finds that the rich colours and drastic scenery of the desert influence her work along with the harmonious balance brought about by her love for the ocean and the palette of the countryside. She works predominantly with Golden professional grade acrylics accented with a range of mediums, use of unconventional tools; that in their contradiction create a complimentary, unique look. Always seeking growth, Lisa enjoys experimenting with new techniques, technology and mediums which in turn keeps her work fresh and constantly evolving.

     Lisa’s multi- media works have been described as a fusion of organic palette, natural elements and inner meditations. Her art can be found in both corporate and private collections throughout the world. The subject matter of her paintings range from her  expressive non-subjective works, contemporary figurative representations and ethereal abstracted landscapes.

“My passion for the diversity found in nature, combined with a personal quest for balance and serenity, inspires my work …... My goal is to fuse these elements together with a contemporary twist so that the viewer is invited to take a journey that is not only a visual experience, but also an intimate, emotional contemplation”.




commissioned by the British shirt company, Thomas Pink to create two window campaigns, using my Union Flag paintings, one being for the London Olympics/ Queen’s Jubilee.

My current proudest moment has to be when they started using a pink Union Flag of mine in all of their stores globally, as part of their signature ‘codes’. It has sometimes been reproduced to several metres wide and tall. Thomas Pink also have half a dozen of my denim bulldogs keeping guard.

I am currently creating abstract sea and landscapes. Living on the Island makes it hard not to be influenced by the beautiful surroundings and ever changing land/seascapes of our shores.

 I am excited about how this will develop in the future, although I still enjoy creating my ‘Splatty Boats’ as I refer to them!!.

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